Yasmin Choudhury

Written on 27 Jun 2014


My name is Yasmin Choudhury.

I'm on a mission to solve a big social problem.  To change how the rest of the world sees and experiences 49 or so, of the LDCs, (Least Developed Countries) i.e. the poorest nations in the world: "Third World'.  Lovedesh®, alongside my niche charity Amcariza Foundation, which I have created, are on it.

It makes me sad we never get told more about all the good stuff out there.  Also, most of us are too scared to travel out to these nations, right?

By using design, food and travel secrets I've personally scouted I want to encourage the world to see and travel to, what is colloquially known as ‘Third World’ - differently.   If we do this, we can help support and recognise local artisans out in these countries.  To create demand for their skills.  And to stop seeing them as victims but as nations with destinations, ancient rituals and stunning beauty, which shows they have more to them than meets the eye.

Design: I am launching a funding campaign to start a workshop to create handcrafted accessories such as the handcrafted Lovedesh Army bracelet, currently made in London, and other accessories (bags, purses) using indigenous fair trade textiles sourced by me, from weavers and artisans in poor nations.  http://www.gofundme.com/Lovedesh

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Food: I scout and share food and travel experiences that gets overlooked. Like my Lovedesh Artisan Slow Wood Fired Curry™.  The only cooking technique in the UK to cook an authentic curry as eaten by rural villagers in Bangladesh.

Travel: I curate group boutique trips called Lovedesh Voyage and Lovedesh Concierge to remote emerging destinations, so that the folks out there can get your pennies directly into their pockets.  Discerning travellers are hooked up with like minded souls for fun, boutique, serendipitous small holidays, without having to compromise on comfort.

And joining the Lovedesh Army is about having fun, and doing good.  To at least once in your lifetime, take a holiday to the "Third World"?  If you're ready to say yes, then wear the handcrafted Lovedesh Army bracelet to show your support.  To make a promise and #LTTTW (Let’s Travel The ‘Third World’).  And every bracelet sold, will help fund our funding campaign to build a fair trade workshop under Amcariza Foundation, to help rescue impoverished women and garment workers from Bangladesh.

Thanks for reading.

Yasmin C.

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