Lovedesh Army, is a range of stylish accessories designed by founder Yasmin to launch #LTTTW ‘Let’s Travel The Third World’.  When worn, you are simply promising to visit one of the 49 nations once in your lifetime  Check out the list here (enter LDC link).  

The bracelet is an original design and made from leather.         

There are two versions of the bracelet.  
Lovedesh Army LDN – made in London by Yasmin and her team of British artisans which can be bought here. Using only vegetable tanned Italian leather, each bracelet is made by hand, polished and simply tied with the Lovedesh tag and sent in a brown paper.  

Lovedesh Army DAC (coming soon) – made by Bangladeshi fair trade artisans where DAC denotes the nation’s capital of Dhaka.  This will be coming soon to boutique shops to be sold to commemorate the deaths of the 2,417 garment workers at Rana Plaza factory in April 2013.  As you can see below, genuine fair trade artisans working on the Lovedesh  DAC bracelet below.  

The bracelet arrives in a cotton drawstring bag, with the Lovedesh logo, so that even when you do not wear it is carefully stored.

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