Lovedesh Voyage is a range of spectacular, once in a lifetime trips for the discerning traveller to stigmatised developing nations and regions.  

An experience  where you need never compromise in style or comfort - unless you have to.  The most special present you could ever give yourself or someone you care about.

Voyage is our most sumptuous, top-of-the-range holiday experience. Where we will showcase you the best food, design and travel secrets of a developing nation.  Designed and curated by founder Yasmin and powered by some of the most experience travel brands in the UK and globally.  

All Lovedesh Voyages will always feature:
- the top resorts handpicked by Yasmin for style, architecture and design.
- authentic transport used where possible - boats, yuk tusk, rickshaw drivers.
- reading and film lists to get you in the mood for your Voyage trip.
- Genuine authentic grassroots experiences that are taught by local folks (that are not pre-staged) in villages and towns - e..g can range from surfing, foraging, wood fire cooking, local costumes, weaving, handicrafts etc
- Chance to donate a day of your holiday to the FFABB project run by Amcariza Foundation, (Yasmin’s charity that seed funds local folks in a  fun, empowering way for both the donor and the beneficiary).
- escorted trips by either Yasmin or one of her english speaking Lovedesh Scouts, handpicked for their charisma and passion for the destination.
- access to trained experts at top tour operator brands such as Wild Frontiers - chosen by Lovedesh to power our Voyage trips.
- free Lovedesh Army bracelet.
- fully bonded as per European Union legislation.
- opportunity to meet Yasmin or one of her Lovedesh Scouts at a special dining event to discuss the trip.
- a pre-trip 1:1 Skype chat with Yasmin or one of her Lovedesh Scouts.

And for those who seek a more inexpensive way of #LTTTW (Let’s Travel The 'Third World') do visit Lovedesh Concierge. It’s our tailored, no frills bespoke trip planning service where Yasmin and her team of Lovedesh Scouts will help you get out to a ‘Third World’ destination while keeping the holiday cost-effective - as you book it all yourself.

Read what British newspaper The Guardian thought here.  In the words of its journalist Vicky Baker who visited Bangladesh with Yasmin: "Loved this trip so much".

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