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Arrive in Sylhet

Transfer To Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort, set amongst the rolling hills and river that flows down from India’s border. Receive your Lovedesh Welcome Goodie bag – with map, fan, and other fun goodies. You can also pay to hire a local Lovedesh mobile phone with nominal credit (after all we want you to feel free to also explore alone). Once you are settled into the hotel, perhaps you can relax in the bijou swimming pool that nestles among the trees. If there’s time, pay to hire a kayak. Attend the ‘Lovedesh Welcome Dawat’, a dinner in your honour, where you will meet a carefully chosen local guest invited by Lovedesh, who will share with you their day to day life in Bangladesh. Afterwards, take a night time stroll along the riverside. Remember to bring your torch!

Private Transport + Local Guide


Accommodation: Nazimgarh Resort • Double Occupancy - Standard Room
*Experience: + Welcome Dinner with a local Banaladeshi .

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