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Lovedesh Village Experience

After an early breakfast you will take the 1.5-2 hour drive to the scenic river town of Jaflong (on the border with India) for a full day of exploration. Set amidst rolling hills and tea gardens, Jaflong is known for its stone quarries and this is where your visit starts as you set out by local motor boat onto the Mari River. Flowing down from the great Himalayas in India, the Mari River brings in its tide millions of tons of stone and boulders every year. Watch the daily stone collection against a soaring and stunning backdrop. From here you will have views of the Indian state of Meghalaya on the other side of the border. Later you will set out by a ghari – a local mode of transportation similar to Rickshaw - to visit a local indigenous Khasi tribal village, where their matriarchal leader rules. Packed lunch is included today, however you will have the opportunity to order extras in a café. (Lunch included)

Private Transport + Local Guide



Accommodation: Nazimgarh Wilderness Resort • Double Occupancy -­‐ Standard Room + Breakfast and packed lunch
*Experience: Visit Jaflong, Indian border region and the Khasi indigenous tribe

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