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Jaflong Full Day Excursion

After an early breakfast, pack suitable swimming gear (short sleeve tops and long skirts for women and long shorts for men) as you accompany a Lovedesh Scout to Yasmin’s ancestral riverside village for a unique experience. Here, get a quick opportunity to assist the women in the villages in cooking a wood fired curry. Then, en route to the river (and if in season), the villagers will guide you on a walk to forage for wild, edible or medicinal leaves. Upon arrival at the river, take a boat ride to meet the Majis, men who dive for fish with their hands (if in season and available), then it is bathing time in the Surma river. The golden sandy dunes make a great makeshift beach or beauty spot. Lady swimmers will be helped by village women in applying herbal face masks. Head back to eat a late lunch and relax. Later, you will be driven back to the hotel. En route, if you feel brave enough, enter a fun competition which involves stopping off at a local evening fish market to barter for a single fish, which will then be taken and cooked at the hotel. Each fish will be judged by a Lovedesh Scout on price, quality and taste before a small fun prize is awarded for to the lucky winner (Lunch included).

Private Transport + Local Guide




Accommodation: Nazimgarh Wilderness • Double Occupancy - Standard Room + Breakfast

*Experience: Wood fire curry cooking lesson, foraging*, boat ride, river bathing, fisherman divers, herbal facemasks (local women assist ladies only) ending with an evening fish bazaar and the ‘Lovedesh Fishy In A Dishy’ competition fun prize

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