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Dawat’, in Bengali means an invitation to eat food prepared in your honour.
YasminisYasmin: Somewhere in Bangladesh, or in the homes of its diaspora across the world, the ‘Dawat,’ an old and ancient style of cooking a meal for invited guests, is being prepared right now.  To celebrate food and the visit.  No matter how humble the abode.   Or the time of day, or how late the guest arrives! Food is there to greet you.    

The Lovedesh mantra is if a great dining experience of a ‘Third World’ nation starts from within your home turf in the UK, you are more likely to be open minded in visiting it.   

Lovedesh boutique supper club and dining events have been designed to bring you an evening of gourmet food, exquisite insights into developing nations, set against a relaxing and convivial ambience.  These events are for you, if you love fine dining.
And seek the chance to learn more about a country’s traditional food, culture and traditions.  We may weave in a country's folklore and tales collected by Lovedesh Scouts who travelled out there, plus showcase many unsung heroes and heroines.  So that when you leave, your appetites are refreshed with new tastes.  Your mind agog about a whole new world and knowledge about some of the good stuff that exists in developing nations.  

Perhaps a demonstration of how to wear the local costume – from the ‘sari’ worn by women in Bangladesh to the ‘shamma’, a draped cotton length worn by Ethiopians.  There may even be a chance to have a go yourself.

As each course is served, you’ll also learn more about the ingredients used in the food you will eat. And about some of the traditions and entertaining stories from Bangladesh narrated by Londoner Yasmin Choudhury, founder of Lovedesh.  Born to Bangladeshi parents and with umpteen trips to Bangladesh and having lived there, she is an expert. And she will help you discover the ‘Third World.’

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