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Written on 27 Jun 2014

Lovedesh Heritage – Bespoke tours arranged for diaspora from developing nations, who might want to visit their parent’s/ancestors birthplace and villages.  Without compromising on style or comfort.

Now, many of the first and second generation immigrants have passed away. Lovedesh founder Yasmin understands that just like her, there are many individuals or families who want to explore their heritage, their ancestors.  They may be feeling disconnected from their heritage or simply feel extremely anxious to go abroad to a country that is not necessarily a holiday destination. Where the local language is not known to the traveller.  Many people are also nervous of meeting people who may be relatives but whom they have never seen or met before.

Travellers booking this services will be encouraged and helped in accessing information that will help them learn more about the place their parents or grandparents came from – be it the schools they studied at to even the graveyards of their relatives.  Lovedesh Scouts also guide and help travellers on handling visits by travellers to any ancestral villages that are impoverished. We advise on how to donate any funds responsibly and sustainably.  

All Lovedesh heritage tours are accompanied by a local English speaking guide.
Resorts are chosen and a holiday element can be woven in – the trip can contain as much or as little of your heritage as you wish.  

This utterly bespoke service can take time.  Please allow at least two months for planning.

And it is only arranged after a fact-finding session that can be undertaken via a video call or face to face.  

Fees will depend on the individual, the destination and degree of difficulty in accessing their ancestral villages or relatives.  

To find out more contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +44 20 3290 7768.

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