Written on 17 Feb 2014

Join us as we take you on the Lovedesh Voyage to Ethiopia, where your mind will be blown when we unlock the joyful and wonderful secrets of this ancient civilization.  With over 80 ethnic groups and the only country never to have been colonized, we will help you explore the land, its food, people, culture and rich artisan heritage.  Ethiopia is one of Africa’s oldest, independent countries and today, one of the fastest growing non-oil  economies of Africa.  

Lovedesh Voyage To Ethiopia, will cover the Simian Mountains to mosques and tribal region of Lower Omo Valley.  From ‘Lucy’ the oldest humanoid in Adis Ababa to drinking Tej – a honey based mead  as well as tour its coffee estates – which are the oldest and most prized natural assets this nation has.

You will learn to dance Ethipian style as well as injera, a tangy sour dough
made from the grain teff, into large thin pancakes.  And while you are there you will meet many of the local folks for a chat as together you learn about each other – in way that dignifies everyone.  

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